April 15, 2012

It is important to realize that there is a difference between capital and money. Money can be viewed as an object-in-itself. It can be horded. In fact, as Marx points out, any commodity can be horded, but it does have practical and aesthetic limits placed on its refluxive value that capital does not have. It may be necessary to keep some negotiator of exchange like money alive in local economies. The beauty of local currency is that it cannot become reflux. It is locked into the reality of a community of exchange. What can we do about money in the global movement of exchange that we see as essential to the whole system?

Remember too that we are not only interested in the negative moment of restricting consolidation, we are also interested in the positive moment of increasing the distributing essential goods and services like medicine and technology that expand beyond the local level.


We imagine this century to mark the start of a whole new economic system with a new economic logic. In fact, we can’t imagine how we will survive without one. This is not a political discussion in any way that we have had one in the past two centuries.

One way to start is to celebrate and support new forms of economic pleasure–new forms of reflux as I call them. We can begin by celebrating the economies of community that spring up around us.

Many may argue that the economy can’t progress unless the reward of refluxive capital is a possibility.  This ignores the fact that much of the wealth of the world is “undeserved” to the point that 6 members of the Wall-mart fortune are worth as much as the lowest 30% of all Americans.  Even if we argue that work or gifts should be rewarded, this is a relative statement within a society and does not mean financial power should be used as a primary term of reflux.

I would say that all economies demand a refluxive component which is only to say that all economies have an axis of pleasure which drives the desires of that economy.   But these do not have to be capital.  They do not need to lead to the hoarding of value.  Love, beauty, praise, memory, etc. are all refluxive values.  Capital and power are the two that are not stable.