Reflux and Centralization

September 28, 2011

Whatever else Marx may have gotten right or wrong about the development of capitalism, his thinking about the refluxive power of capital profound and irrefutable. Remember that Marx argued that a move toward greater abstraction occurs as the economy moves from object as use to commodity to money to capital. Through this process of abstraction, capital, like ideas of God or language, pushes to the verge of the infinite. It approaches the infinite as its border. Calling it abstract does not make it empty or ineffective.

This verging toward the infinite is in a direct and subtle way the construction of power–it is the power to marshal natural resources and human labor.


Economy Beyond Ethics

September 28, 2011

It is important that we find ways to turn our moral concern about economic disparity into an economic system that works toward repairing those disparities without depending on moral good will. A system where ” a nation of devils,”as Kant would say, would solve the problem of disparity. As long a we stay in the ethical models, in models that stress the choice of the individual to do good, the advantage of giving and withhold will always rest in the hands of those who control the surplus of wealth. I think too that we will end up playing a no-win game between altruism and greed.


September 28, 2011

This blog is dedicated to re-imaging of a economy that work on the functional level to reduce the centralization of good and services and works maximize the distributive potential of a world economic system.